Books 8-20

Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of …, Volume 18, Part 1

George Maxey

Pope, Sir Edw. North, Nic.Bacon, solicitor, and Walt. Hendley, attorney, for diets and travails during their abodein London hearing accounts, 40l. 21 and 28 July, Geo. Maxeye, towards making certain”parokes and other necessaries” within Fayre Meade park, Essex, 20l and 40l. 21 July, Edw.Broke, of Chynkforde, Essex, for lands specified enclosed in Fayre Meade park, 26l. 13s. 11d.5 Aug., John Bellowe, by Thos. Burter, towards repair of sea banks adjoining the King’sground called Wyncettz and Patherington, Yorks., parcel of the late house of ThorntonCurteys, 80l. 12 Aug., Sir Arthur Darcy, full payment of 1,814l. 20d. due for the manors ofLeades and Holbecke, &c., 1,314l. 20d. 23 July, Wm. Cowper, for expenses in surveyingwoods, between Christmas and St. Peter’s Day last at 10s. a day, 40l. 10 Aug., Geo. Maxey,towards making Fayre Meade park, 40l. 7 Aug. and 2 Sept., Robt. Russell, for repairs atOtforde and Knolle, 180l. and 70l. 10 Aug., Thos. Tyrrell, messenger, 31s. 4d. 4, 9 and 16Sept., Sir Hen. Knevyt, (and on 1 Sept. by Ant. Denny) full payment of 2,000l. for the manorsof Ellerton, Escryke and Wygynton, Yorks., according to an indenture between him and SirEdw. Northe, 17 Sept. last, 1,400l. 9 Sept., Robt. Russell, for Otforde, Knolle and Panthurste,100l. 20 Sept., Hen. Coldwell, for silver to make the privy seal of the Court of Augmentations,and for graving the same, 7l. 9s. 5½d. 27 Sept., John Warde and Thos. Tirrell,messengers, riding allowances, 8l. 1 Oct. and 4 Nov., Hugh ap Harrye, towards repairingthe King’s house of St. Barthilmewes, 20l. and 60l. 12 Oct., Robt. Russell, for Otfordeand Knoll, 120l. 17 Oct., John Gates, to be employed about the new park of Waltham, 200l.21 Oct. and 4 Nov., Geo. Maxey, towards finishing certain perokes in the new park ofFayre Meade, 50l. and 20l. 30 Oct., Sir Thos. Wryothesley, towards repairing the King’shouse at Stokwell, warrant 29 Nov. last, 50l. 28 Oct., Thos. Goodwyn, for charges of Mr.Chancellor and others of the King’s Council at Hounsloo, 55s. 8½d. 11 Nov., Nic. Baconfor his expenses about the surrender of Wynkfelde College, 5l. 6s. 8d. 29 Nov., Robt.Russell, for repairs at Otforde, Knolle and Panthurste 100l. 26 Nov., John Pecke, carpenter,for repairs done at the King’s house in Southwark, 57s. 7d. 1 Dec., Thos. Tirrell,messenger, for riding costs, 38s. 10d., and livery coat, 33s. 4d.; and Jas. Johnson, usher, fornecessaries, 23s. 6d. 9 Dec., Robt. Nasshe for expenses of Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Treasurerand others in commission at Howneslowe on 4 and 5 Dec., 7l. 16s. 11d. 28 Jan., Thos.Tirrell and John Warde, messengers, full payment of 16l. 4s., for riding 3,888 miles, 8l. 4s.,and for riding 1,944 miles, 8l. 2s. 29 Jan., Agnes and Stephen Wilforde for a new tenementat White Webbes called Strodes and 2 ac. of a close called Arsmertes in Endevelde parish,Midd., lately enclosed in Enfelde park, 34l. 13s. 4d. 9 Feb. and 13 March, Robt. Russell, forOtforde, Knolle and Panthurste, 50l. and 50l. 16 Feb., Geo. Maxeye towards finishing certainparokes in Fayre Meade park, 30l. 1 Feb., Charles Wyngfeld and Geo. Cottismore, rewardfor transporting 7,000l. to the duke of Suffolk in the North, 6l. 13s. 4d. 12 March, JohnWarde, messenger, for livery coat due at Easter last, by warrant of 22 Nov., 33s. 4d.18 March, the dean and chapter of Westminster, on warrant of 13 March, 830l. 21½d.for arrears of lands within the circuits of Robt. Burgoyne, John Wiseman, HughFuller and Wm. Caundishe, auditors, from 32 Hen. VIII., and on another warrant148l. 3s. 7d. for arrears of possessions of the late college of St. Martin’s le Grande.4 Dec., Berners and Burgoyn, for diets at taking the Treasurer’s account, 30l., andreward to their clerks, 10l. 16 March, Sir Edw. North, treasurer, for green cloths,bags, books, wax, parchment and other necessaries, 12l.; and his clerks for pains inthe declaration of accounts, 13l. 6s. 8d.; and Mr. Chancellor’s clerks for “casting thecharge and discharge of the said treasurer’s account, 40s.” Total payments by warrants of the Council, 7,804l. 11s. ½d. Signed by Berners andBurgoyn.

f. 82.

f. 83.

f. 84.

f. 85.

f. 86.

f. 87.

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f. 89.

vii. “The King’s Majesty’s warrants” :—13 April ao 33o, to the King, 5,000 mks.7 April, Wm. Oxenbryge, towards edifying the King’s castle of Camber, Suss., warrant31 March, 300l.; also 28 April, 300l.; and 1 June 400l. 27 April ao 34o, Cornelys Hays,for 50 oz. of cramp rings of gold delivered to the King on Good Friday at 45s. 4d. the oz.,and 140 oz. of silver cramp rings at 4s. 4d.; Morgan Wolf, for 11 cups gilt “of asseystakinge delivered by him into the Jewelhouse at sundry times” 108 oz. at 5s. 2d., alsofor a cruse gilt with cover given by the King to Longe, his arrowhead maker, 9 oz. at5s. 2d., “four double seals of silver, being viij pieces, called the seals of the Chanceryof Wales” at 5l. apiece, and four more double seals “called judicial seals, being viijpieces for other courts within Wales” at 3l. 6s. 8d. apiece, also 156¼ oz. of silver tomake the seals, at 3s. 8d.; John Aunsell, the King’s mat maker, 44s. 4d.; warrantdated 7 April ao 33o. [27 April, Sir Thos. Wentworth, captain of Sandall castle andsteward of Wakefeld lordship, for fees from 24 Oct. last to Easter, warrant 23 Aprilao 34o, 99l. 10s. 1d.] (fn. 3)  28 April and 1 May, Wm. Jenyns, master of the fraternity ofRouncevall, by virtue of an indenture of exchange dated 13 March ao 33o, 43l. 4s.30 April, Geo. Maxeye, towards making certain parokes at the new park of FayreMeade, 20l. 2 June, Sir Thos. Seymer, for rents of lands in Wiltshire which he had byexchange, warrant 24 March ao 33o, 253l. 5s. 17 June, Wm. Gonston, paymaster of theKing’s ships, for costs of 184 mariners and gunners lately serving 21 days in the Jenetand the Dragon, and for wages and victuals of the King’s ship keepers till Midsummernext, warrant 29 May, 408l. 29 June, John Rider (in margin Rither), the Prince’scofferer, for his Grace’s household, warrant 28 Nov. ao 33o, 1,000l. 26 June, Sir Thos.Hennage, reward, 150l. 30 June, Wm. Gonston, paymaster of the King’s ships, inprest for emptions and provisions for the King’s affairs, warrant 26 June, 1,680l. 4 July,the King, by Sir Thos. Hennage, 2,000l. 23 June, Geo. Maxey, servant to Mr.Chancellor of the Augmentations towards “making of certain perokes, new making ofstondinges and ridding of roughe plottes within the King’s new park of Fayre Meade,” 30l.28 June, Wm. Oxenbridge, part of 2,000l. for works at the castle of Camber, warrant20 June, 1,200l. 12 July, “Edw. Fenys,

From: ‘Henry VIII: April 1543, 21-25’, Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 18 Part 1: January-July 1543 (1901), pp. 254-272. URL:  Date accessed: 26 October 2011. ———————————————


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