Books 2-20

MAWSON. Matthew, Bishop of Chichester.—Sermon on Matth. vii. 12. Lond. 1733, 4to.—On Rom. xiii. 1. 1733, 4to.—On 1 Sara, ‘ii

6. 1740, 4ta—On I Cor. vii. 17. 1741, 4to.—Sermon. Loud. 1742, 4to—Propagation of the Gospel, on Rom. x. 14, IS. 1743, 4to. —Mischiefs of Divisions; a Sermon on James iii. 16. Lond. 1746, 4to.

MAXENTIUS, Joannes, a Greek Author of the 6th century.—Opuscula Theologico, a Jo. Cochlaeo. Colon. 1526, 8vo. MAXEY, Anthony M.—Five Sermons before the King. Lond. 1614, Ho.—Nine Sermons. Lond. 1619, 8vo.

MAXEY, Samuel, Esq Estelle; a Pastoral Romance. From the

French of M. de Florian. 1803, 12mo.—The Victory of Trafalgar ; a Naval Ode, in commemoration of the Heroism of the British Navy. Lond. 1806, 4to. 2s.—Ruth; a Sacred Eclogue: and Tobit; a Poem. See Floeian, J. P. C

MAXF1ELD, Thomas Account of the last 24 hours of the Life and

Death of William Davies. Lond. 1776, 8vo.

MAXIMUS, Sr., an Abbot and Confessor in the 7th century, was born /at Constantinople; died 1662.—Loci Communes, seu Sermones lxxi. Gr.

Tig. 1546 Liturgies Expositio, seu de Ecclesiastica Mystagogia. Par.

1560. Ant. 1560, 8vo. Et CoL Agr. 1618 Scholia in Dionysii

Opera, Groece. Par. 1562, 8vo. Et Gr. Lat per Pet Lansselium. Par. 1615. Et Gr. Lat per Balth. Corderium. Ant. 1633.—Scholia in Gregorii Thcologi Ambigua qua?dam, seu Difficilia, Gr. Lat. Oxon. 1681.—Opera, i Fr. Combefiaio, Gr. et Lat. Paris, 1675, 2 vols, fol.

MAXIMUS. See Valerius.


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