Book 6-20

A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the landed gentry of …, Volume 1

By Sir Bernard Burke



Bruce, Edward, Esq. of Scoutbush and Killroot, oo. Antrim, J.P., high-sheriff in 1836, 6. 27 March, 17S3; m. 29 Oct. 1807, Maria, eldest dau. of James t’oghlan, Esq. of Castlegar, со. Mayo, and had issue, i Edward, 6. 16 Nov. 1811 ; in holy orders ; m. Maria, eldest dau. of the late Lieut.-Col, Head, of Derry Castle, со. Tipperary. II. James-Alexander, £». 5 Jan. 1826. i. Marianne. n. Rose.

iLÜlCiirrr«—Edward Brice, 6. about 1720-1, son of Lieut-Col. Edward Brice, by Jane his wife, dau. of Richard Dobba, Esq. of Castle Dobbs, со. Antrim, and great grandson of the Rev. Edward Bryce, or Bruce, stated to have been younger brother of a laird of Airth, was high-sheriff of Antrim in 1748; and m. 1st, in 1752, Rose, dau. of Alexander Stewart, Esq. of Acton, со. Armagh, and of Ballintoy, со. Antrim, by whom he had one son and successor, Edwahd. He m. 2udly, Jane Adair, and by ber had four sons, one of whom was a lieut-coL in the guards, and killed in Egypt, under Sir Ralph AbercromMe; anothor d. a lient, in the royal navy; a third d. shortly after his return from the West Indies; and the fourth, Archibald, was in holy orders, and beneficed in Norfolk (he left two sons; the elder t. him in one of his livings, and the younger, a barrister, resided in Bath ; and two daus., the younger a*, «ma., and the elder, Maria, m. the Right Hon. Sir John Anstruther, Bart., chief justice of the Supreme Court, Bengal, and had issue). Mr. Brico’s only son of his first marriage,

Edward Brice, Esq. of Kilroot, 6. In 1756; m. in 1772, Theodora, eldoat dau. of Thomas Mullins, 1st Lord Ventry, and had issue,

Edward, b. 27 March, 1783, who resumed, by royal licence,
the original surname of Bruce.

Thomas-Richard, R.N., 6. iu April 1700; m. 1817, Jane-
Suzinne, youngest dau. of the Lite Samuel-De la Cheiois
Crommelin, Esq, of Carrowdore Castle, со. Down.

Rose, m. to the late Sir John Blake, of Menlough Castle,
со. Galway, Bart., and had issue.

Eliza, m. to Staff Surgeon R. O’Connell.

Theodora, m. to Trevor Hill, Esq.

Charlotte, m. to Thomas-Johnson Smyth, Esq. of Lisburn.

Arm*— Or, a saltier and chief, gu. ; a mullet in the dexter canton, of the first.

Crut—A cubit arm, couped at the elbow, and erect, holding a scimitar, ppr.

Motto—Do well, doubt nought

6’tifíjí—Scoutbush, Carrickfergus ; and Kilroot, со. Antrim.


Brückshaw, Joshua, Esq. of Harry Towu Hall, со. Chester, J.P. and D.L., 6. 12 July, 1789; m. 10 Oct. 1822, Susanna, dau. of the Rev. Charles Present, late rector of Stockport, со. Chester. Mr. Bruckshaw is only surviving son of the late Joshua iiruckahaw, Esq. of Harry Town Hall (who d. 27 November, 1816) by Frances, dau. of Alexander Holliuworth aud Helena his wife, of the Old Hall, withiu Hollinworth, со. Chester; and grandson of John Brucksbaw, aud Susaunah his wife.

The estate of Harry Town has been possessed by this family for a very long period, in the course of which we find the name variously written Brodockshaw, Brockshaw, and Brookshaw, until it finally settled duwi into Bruckshaw. The old mansion at Harry Town was erected in the 15th ceutury, by Harry Bruckshaw, but was pulled down and rebuilt, in 1(571, by John Bruckshaw.

S«jí—Harry Town HalL Stockport.

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Brunwtn, Milbourxe-peter-carteb, Esq. of Гагк House, Bradwell, со. Essex, b. 3 Aug. 1814: «. his father 20 Nov. 1839.

ÎLtltrflCjr.—Antony Maxey, of Great Baling Hall, Essex, Esq. (descended from the ancient family of Maxey, originally of Cheshire, and of Maxey Castle, со. Northampton), m. Dorothy, widow of Robert Bon ham, Esq. and dau. and heiress of Gregory Basset, Esq. of Bradwell Hall, son of John Basset, Esq. of Bradwell Hall, Essex, by Catherine Andrews, hie wife, nefce of Sir John Honde, of Bradwell. At his marriage Antony Maxey removed from Great Saling, and made Bradwell hie residence. His issue were three sons; Antony d, an infant; Sir Henry and Sib William ; and three daughters; Jane, d. young; Dorothy, m. to Sir Edward Heron, one of the Barons of the Exchequer; and Bridget, m. to Edward Weutworth, of

Booking Hall, Esq. Antony Maxey sL 18 8ept 15« ; hi* widow Dorothy, took to her third husband, John Bahington, Esq., and, dying in 1602, was buried by the side of bar second husband, Antony Maxey, under a fair monument The eldest surviving son,

Henry Maxey, Esq., ft. 1667, succeeded to the estate. Ho was knighted 23 July, 1603, and served as High Sheriff 1607. Hem. Mildred, dau. of William Cook, Esq., second eon of Sir Antony Cook, of Giddinghall, by France« hii wife, daughter of the Lord John Grey, brother to Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk; but by her he had no issue. He d. 22 Oct., 1624, as did his wife the 8 Nov. following. His brother.

Sib William Maxey, Knt., then aged50years, succeeded him. He m. Helena, daughter of Sir Edward Grevüle, of Harolds Park, in Essex, Knt, by whom be had three eons and seven daughters: i. Grc-ville. u. Henry, who was a great royalist, and served Ring Charles I. aa Adjutant-General of his Horse, in. William, a traveller, who served the King in all his wars against the rebels, and was Mîijor-General of his Horse at the siege of Colchester; he died 25 January, 1659. Of the daughters, Elisabeth was the wife of Thos. Barker, of Sibton inSuffolk, Esq. ; Dorothy, of Mr. Thwaits; Mildred, of Robert Carlo, of Herefordshire; Frances, of Mr. Wanford; Margaret of John Whiter of Herefordshire; Elisabeth, first of Mr. Baker, secondly of Orlando Greene, Esq.; and Anne, who died unmarried. Sir William departed this life 24 July. 1645. aged 88. His wife surviving him, was married to Captain Spencer. She died 2 November. 1659, and was buried bySir William, in the parish church, where stands a sumptuous monument, erected to their memory by Henry, their second son.

Greville Maxey, Esq., the eldest son, succeeded his father, and was Captain of the Trained Bands of Essex. He died 15 Feb. 1648. By his wife, Mildred, dau. of Sir William Cook, of Higham in Gloucestershire, Knt., be had Antony; Henry; William, d. un ж. ; Greville, killed at Launy, in Germany; Thomas, died at Southampton; Edward, one of the King’s Life Guards; Helens, wife of Thomas Eden, of Doreward’e Hall, in Booking, Esq. She remarried afterwards Richard Kirkeby, of Kirkeby Hall, in Lancashire, Esq.

Antony Maxey, Esq., the eldest son, m. Susan, dau_ of Sir William Poley, of Boxtead, Suffolk, Knt., but left no surviving issue. He sold the lordships of Saling Hall and Picots, in 1665, to Martin Carter, Esq., but be left Bradwell Hall to his brother, Henry Maxey, Esq., who» by his wife, Sarah, daughter of Humfrey Lowe, of Badow, had a son, Antony Maxey, who m. Elizabeth, dan. of Martin Carter, of Saling Hall, Esq., and had by her, John, his only eon, who died in 1727. Elizabeth, the mother, died in 1728. Upon her decease, the Bradwell ostite, which bed been settled upon AntonyMaxey and Elizabeth hist wife, and the survivor of them, and the heirs of such survivor. descended to

Martin Carter, of Witham, Esq., her nephew and heir, to whom she did, for greater security, devise the same by will. This Martin Carter was the eldest eon of John Carter, Gent, of Braintree, who was brother to Martin Carter, Esq., the last owner of that name of Great Saling HalL The said Martin Carter, of Witham, Esq., was one of the two Coroners for Essex many years before his decease, which happened 23 July, 1754. He was twice married; but dying without surviving issue, he left Bradwell Hall to his brother,

MiLBOURNX Carted, of Braintree, Esq., whose eldest son,

Martin Carter, Esq., succeeded him; he d. 20 March, 1803, whereupon his widow Jane then had the estate for her life. She died 23 Feb. 1819, when

Ann Brunwin, eldest surviving child of M il bourne Carter, Esq. came in possession. She died 22 January Is..л. and was succeeded by her son,

The Rev. Martin, John Brunwtn, who m. ISIS, MaryAnn Tweed, of a Suffolk family, and dying 2′.- Nov. 1S3J, left issue,

i. Milbourne-peter Carter, now of Гагк House, Bradwell.

п. Peter-Maxey. m. Hcnry-Twecd.

I. Mary-Anne. n. Elizabeth,

Mr. Brunwin d. 20 Nov. 1839, and was *. by his eldest son, Milbourne Peter-carter Brunwin, Esq. now of BradwcIL

Arm»—Gu., a cross palonee, or, on a chief, as., thrs* femaux (buckles) of the 1st Créai—A lion’s head, erased, fretty, ax. Seat—Park House, Bradwell, Essex.

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Buchan, James, Esq. of Auchmacoy House, со. Aberdeen, a magistrate for the shire, 6. in June, 1800; m. 12 June, 1833, Helen, 2nd dau. of Garden Duff, Esq. of Hattun, со. Aberdeen, and has issue,

т. THomar i. Louisa.

&tnf age.—The first of this family, a son of Comyn, Earl of Buohan, held the estate of Auchmacoy of that powerful family, and, notwithstanding the almost general hostility of the clan to Robert Bruce, adhered so faithfully to that prince that he was allowed to retain his lands, on condition of his taking a new name, and he thereupon chose that of Buch An. From him was descended, in a direct male line, in the 17th century,

Jahes Bûchas, of Auchmacoy, who m. Margaret, dau. of Alexander Beton, of Pitmodden, and had four sons,

Alexander, of Auchmacoy.

James, who $. his brother, and of whom presently.

Thomas, who served with distinction in France and Holland, and was appointed by Charles II., col. of a regiment of foot ш Scotland. Subsequently ho was promoted to major-general by James II., by whom he was appointed commander of the forces in Scotland, after the fall of Viscount Dundee at Killiecrankie. He tí. in 1720.

John, who commanded a regiment of foot for the Prince of Orange.

The 2nd son,

James Bochan t. his elder brother, Alexander. He was father of

James Buchan, of Auchmacoy, major in the service of James II., who m. a dau. of Sir John Forbes, Bart of Craigievar, and had a son and heir,

Thomas Duchan, of Auchmacoy, who m. his cousin, Nicola, dau. of Thomas Buchan, of Caimbulg, by his wife the Hon. Grace Hamilton, dau. of the last Lord Bargany, and by her was father of

Thomas Buchan, of Auchmacoy, who dying in 1819, was s. by his son, the present James Bochan, Esq. of Auchmacoy.

Armé—Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg., three lions’ heads, erased, two and one, sa., langued, gu., for Buchan; 2nd and 8rd, quarterly: 1st and 4th, gu., three cinquefoils, erm ; 2nd and 3rd, arg., a galley with her sails furled, sa., all within a bordure compony, arg. and az.; the 1st charged with hearts, gu. ; the 2nd with múllete, arg., being the arms of William, 8rd Lord Bargany, of whom Mr. Buchan is heir of line.

Creet—A sun shining on a sun-flower full blown, ppr. ■ Supporters—Dexter, a heron with an eel in its beak, all ppr.; sinister, an antelope, arg., collared, gu., the collar charged with three cinquefoils, erm.

Motto— Non inferiora неси tus.

Seat—Auchmacoy House, со. Aberdeen.

See Buchanan-hamilton.



Buchanan, Andbew, Esq. of Auchintorlie, со. Dumbarton, 6. 14 March, 1817; m. 20 Nov. 1845, Mary-Jeraima-Duudas-Adamiina, youngest dau. of the late Sir James Fergusson, Bart, of Kilkerran, со. Ayr, by Henrietta, his wife, 3rd dau. of Admiral Viscount Duncan; t. his father in 1832.

ÍLÍnríl£JC.—This is a branch of the ancient and distinguished families of Buchanan of Buchanan, or that ilk, and of Buchanan of Leny, now representative of that house, and chief of the clan Buchanan.

Alexander Buchanan, 5th in descent from John of Leny, 3rd son of John Buchanan, Laird of Buchanan in the 15th century, had two eons, John,his successor at Mochaste], and

Walter Buchanan, of Glenny, whose grandson, Capt James Buchanan, $. to the estate of Glenny, but dying in France without issue, his uncle, the 2nd son of Walter, of Glenny,

Alexander Buchanan, became heir to his ncphow, the Laird of Glenny. Ho had two sons, \ndrew and George: the elder,

Andrew Buchanan, purchased Gar tacharan from Lord Napier. He had two eons, Alexander, his successor, and

George Buchanan, a magistrate and merchant in Glasgow, who had four eona and one dau., viz.,

George, a merchant, who with his brothers Andrew, Niel, and Archibald, were the original promoters of the Buchanan Society in that city. He was twice m.; 2ndly, to a dan. of ¡sir John Forbes, Bart, of Foveran, Aberdeenshire, and had four sons and four daus., but his male Uno is now extinct.

Andrew, of Drumpellier, со. Lanark, who had two sons and five daus. The elder son, James, m. Margaret Hamilton, granddau. of the Earl of Haddington, and sister of the Comtesses of Morton and Selkirk and of Lady Halket, of Pitferran. By this lady he kid, with a sou. who d. ипы., several daus., of wb» m, Helen m. Admiral Sir George Home, Bart. The Drumpellier branch of the Buchanan family is now represented by the descendant of Andrew’s 2nd sou, Robert-carrick Buchanan, Esq., of Drum J »ell RT.

Archibald, of Auchintorlle, со. Dumbarton.

Neil, of Hillington, со. Renfrew, MP. for the Glasgow district of burghs, whose male line is now extinct He left one son and three daus.: of the latter. Aun, the eldest, ro. Oswald, Bishop of Raphoe; and Marlon, the 8rd, became the wife of Oliphant of Boasie, In Perthshire, postmaster-general for Scotland.

Mary. m. to George Buchanan, of Auchintoshan, со. Dumbarton. The 3rd eon,

Archibaid Buchanan, Feo,., acquired Auchintorlie, in Dumbartonshire, from his brother Andrew, its also the lands of Hillington, in Renfrewshire, upon the death of hie brother Neil. He гл. Martha, dau. of Peter Murdoch, Esq., of RosehiU, Renfrewshire, lord provost of Glasgow, by whom be had issue,


George, successively of Auchintorlie.

Andrew, of Ardinconnal, and heir of destination of Auchintorlie, of whom presently.

Mary, m, Alexander Speirs, of Elders! ie, со. Renfrew.

The eldest son and heir,

Peter Buchanan, Esq. of Auchintorlie, m. Miss Catherine Macpherson, who, after his death, m. Sir Ewen Cameron, Bart, of Faasifern, со. Inverness. Dying s. p. Mr. Buchanan was ». by his brother,

George Buchanan, Esq. of Auchintorlie, who was twice m. but had no issue. He left the family estates of Auchintorlie and others in the со. of Dumbarton, and Hillington, In the со. of Renfrew, as before-mentioned, to his nephew Archibald; his brother,

Andrew Buchanan, Esq. of Ardinconnal, со. Dumbarton, and Auchingray, со. Lanark, J.P. and D.L., ft. 12 July, 1745; M. 3 July, 17Ö9, Jane, eldest dau. of James Dennistoun, of Colgrain and Dennistoun, and had

i. Archibald of Auchintorlie, со Dumbarton, and Hillington, со. Renfrew, m. 8 June, 1816, Mary, 2nd dau. of the late Richard Dennistoun, Esq. of Kelvin Grove, со. Lanark, and d. 16 Dec. 1ЬЗЗ, leaving issue, 3 Andrew, now of Auchintorlie. 2 George, in infancy.

8 Richard-Dennistoun, b. 22 Sept. 1830; late capt 72nd highlanders.

1 Christian Alston, who is married

2 Janc-Dennistoun.

3 Mary-Dennistoun.

4 Isabella- Dennistoun.

ß Georgina-Grace, m, to George, son of the late Sir James Fergusson, Bart 6 Archina, deceased. Il James, of Blair Vadock, Ardinconnal, now seated at Oaigcnd Cat-tie, со. Stirling, m. Lady Janet Sinclair, eldest dau. of James, 12th Earl of Caithness, and has issue, 1 Andrfw (Sir), K.C В., envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to tbo court of Holland; m. 2; May, 1857, Hon Georgiana-Elizabeth Stuart, dau. of Lord Blantyrc.

1 Helen John Sinclair, m. to William-Wootton Abncy, Esq. of Mcasham Hall, со. Leicester.

2 Jane-Dciinisttmn, i». to William Tiitton, Esq.

5 Jane Campbell, m. to Richard Fox, Esq. of AwBawn, со Caviin, grandson of Barry, 1st Earl of Farnham.

4 Charlotte-Macgrcgor-Murray, m. to Charles-Henry Forbes. Esq of Kingairlock, со. Argyle.

5 Matilda-Frances-Harrict, m. to Patrick Maitland, of Fieugb, gi-eat-grands-ju of Charks, 6th Earl of Lauderdale.

l- Jesse, m. to James Monteith, Esq. of Craighead, Lanarkshire.

ii. Martha, m, to George T’.illc, Esq. of Cardrose Park, со. Dumbarton, 2nd son of George Yuille, of Darleith.

Ami»—Quarterly: 1st and 4th, or, a lion, rampant, sa, n.nied and laugncd, gu., within a double treasure, flowered

and counter-flowered with fleurs-de-lis, of the second, for Buchanan , 2nd and 3rd, sa., a chevron between two bears’ heads, erased. In chief, and another in base, arg., murzled, gu. On the chief-point <jf the chevron, a cinquefoil, of the first, for Lenny”. Thb quartering, however, was omitted last matriculation at the Lord Lyon’s office.

CVesi—A hand couped, holding a duke’s coronet, with two laurel branches wreathed under it

Motto—Clarior b i ne honos.



Bochabas, John, Esq. of Ardoch, со. Dumbarton, ô. 24 March, 1799.

ittUCnrrc.—From John Buchanan, eldest eon of the second marriage of Thomas Buchanan, of Carbcth. who was grandson of Thomas Buchanan, 3rd son of ftir Waiter Buchanan, 18th Laird of Buchanan, sprang

William Buchanan, who acquired in 1693, the estate of Ardoch, en, of Dumbarton. He as. Jean, dau. of К incalí of Auchenrooch, and dying in 1723, was A by his grandson,

John Buchanan, of Archdoch, (sou of Thomas Buchanan,) 6. in 1706, who m. 1st Mary, dau. of William Crawfurd, merchant of Glasgow, and had one sou and two daus , vis., Thomas, bis heir; Mary, m. to the Rev. James Graham; and Agnes, m. to John Buchanan, of Ladriahmore. Mr, Buchanan m.2ndly, in 1747, Elizabeth, dau. of Walter Buchanan, writer in Glasgow, and relict of Alexander Buchanan, of Cremannau, and by her had another dau. Frances, 6. in 1751, m. to John Maxwell, of Dargaval in the со. of Renfrew. This John, who was an eminent lawyer at Glasg nv, d. 13 Jan. 1774, and was л. by his son,

Thomas Buchanan, of Ardoch, 6. 6 Nov. 1733. Thi* gentleman m. 1st Margaret dau. and heiress of Mueca Buchanan, descended in a direct line frv>m John, son of Alexander Buchanan, of Ibert brother of George Buchanan. the historian and poet; and by her had a son, John, bis successor. He то. 2ndly. Jean. dau. of John Gray, of Dalmarnoch, and had, James, wbo >*. Anne, youngest dau. of John Parkes, Esq. of Warwick, and Elizabeth,m. to Alexander Gordon, Esq. Mr. Buchanan m. 3rdly, Helen, dau. of William Graham, of Birdstone, and had four other sons and two daus.,

William, the Honourable Elizabeth Mmray, eldest dau.

of Alexander, 7th Lord EMbank.

Robert, m. Margaret, dau. of Dunlopof Annanhill, со. Ayr.
Archibald, commander RN., in. Matilda, dau of — Dal-

biach, Esq , and d. in 1822.
Helen, m. to Joljn Balfour, Esq. Marion.

He d. 10 Dec 1789, and was *. by his eldest son,

John Buchanan, Esq. of Ardoch, vice-lieutenant lieotenant-commander of the local militia, and lately member ui parliament for that shire, 6. 8 Jan. 1761; m. 1 Nov. 1785, Elizabeth, dau. of John Parkes, Esq. of Netberton in Worcestershire, by whom, who d. 4 Sept 1S07, he had issue,

John, now of Ardoch.

Mary, m. to Robert Findlay, Esq. of Easter Hill, со

Margaret, d. 25 Jan. 1S25. Elizabeth.

Anne—Or, a lion, rampant, sa., in the dexter paw .i digger, ppr., within the royal treasure, flowered and cuuntcr-nVwerwl with fleura-de-lis, of the second, all within a bordure, invecked, gu.

CreMt—Two hands grasping a two-handed sword, ppr.

Motto —Clariora sequor.

Stat—Ardoch, со. Dumbarton.

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п. James-Maxey, m. Sophia, only child of A. Barwell, Esq , C.8., son of R. Harwell, Esq. of Stanstead.

in. William.

iv. Alexander.

v. Henry-Brian.

i. Susan, m. to Arthur Brooke, Esq. «on of Sir Richard Brooke, Bart, of Norton Priory, Cheshire.

ii. Helen-Mary. Mr. Buchanan, who is son of John Buchanan, Esq., by Elizabeth, his wife, eldest dau. of John Phillips, Esq., has a brother, William-Theophilus, of North Cote, near Westbury, Gloucestershire, and a sister, Eleanor, m. to Clement Swetenham, Esq. of Somerford Booths, Cheshire. Hales Hal! was first erected in 1800; and was, with the estate, purchased by the present proprietor in 1824. It is about a mile from the battle-field of Blore Heath. A rude cross still marks the spot where Lord Audley is supposed to have stood.

Sc it—Halos Hall, near Market Drayton.

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Buckle, John, Esq. of Wharton House, со. Edinburgh, b. in 1792; m. 1st, in 1817, Isabella, dau. of Edward Hay-Mackenzie, Esq. of Tarbet House, Cromarty, brother of the <th Marquess of Tweeddale, and has issue,

i. Edward, 6. in 1818; m. Maria Shearsby.

II. Lewis-Barton, 6. in 1824. .

ill. John-Mannere, 6. in 182fl.

I. Isabella-Dorothea, m. to Mntthcw-Dysart Hunter, Esq.
of Antons Hill, со. Berwick, and of Mcdumsley, oo.

II. Eleanor-Frances. ill. Maria-Emma.
iv. Gcorgina-Anne.

Mr. Buckle m. 2ndly, in 1834, Dorothea, eldest dau.
of John Blackwell, Esq., advocate, and has by her,

I. Cuthbcrt, 6. in 1KÍ5.

II. Alfred-John, &. in 1837.

in. Barton, h. in 183Í» ; d. 1S5S.
iv. Frederick-Lodwick, b. in 1841.
v. Hubert, 6. in 1849.

iLilirrtfjr.—Sir Christofber Buckle, b. in 1629 (son of Sir Christopher Buckle, Knt. of Burgh in Banstcad, Surrey, and grandson of Sir Cuthbert Buckle, lord mayor of London in 1Ô93, who was son of Sir Christopher Buckle, of Burgh in Westmoreland, 6. In 1533), purchased estates at Mitchom, Burgh, and Banstcad, in Surrey. He m. in 1653, Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William Lewis, Bart, of Borden Eastmeon, in Hants, and had four sons, Christopher, Lewis, William, and Martin. The eldest.




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