Maxey Mispellings

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Frater Thomas Makesey

Dominus Wyllelmus Makesey

Frater Willelmus Maxsay


anthonye maxeye

VlSITACIO MOXASTERII DE Westderham.Bishop Redman finds the abbot, John Lyn, dead, and a canon of the house, John Maxscy, is now elected in his place. He orders him to pay to each canon the usual 20s. a year for clothes: appoints a prior and subprior, and enjoins the better keeping of silence.

add to timeline links by these last names and there links. many of the following links make tree connections amongst the 1400 and 1500 makeseye maxeseye max…. families.

maxie mackesey makey machsy madey mabey magey macey masey mokey, mosey, motey, makey, madey, mabey, maxie, moxcey, matey, mascy, maysey, marsey, mapey, machey, mackey, mexey, maley, moyse, macie, mascey, maxe, magsey,mochie, mockie, mokey, mocey, haxby, Maxsdes, Maxse, maskey, makie, menig makeseye, makyssey, maxsey, maxsee, makeseye, makyssey, maxsey maxsee maxe, maxcey, maxcy, macksie, macksey, maxi, maxy, maxie, mcSey, moxcey, mascy maysey, o’ macassa, macassey, moxcey, mascy, maysey, moxcey, magay, maekey, macey, makay, magehy, makey, machey, makaey, magey, majoy, mekay, maxay, macoy, maccoy, marey, megey, maccay, moxey, mocey, megay, maxcey, mackey, makkay, mexey, mogey, macaooy, macay, mokey, makyes, malkie, maxcie, maxia, maxied, maxime, maxine, macxey, mayse, maeyke, maxry, maxiy, Muxry, Masci, Mascy, Maxy.


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