Makeseye or De la Mares

researching if these are one of the same name?
212 Memorials of Old Northamptonshire. 

building, entered from the hall by three rich stone door-
ways with ogee arches, finished with crockets and ball
flowers. This building in all probability contained a
portion of the butteries, kitchens, and other offices, but
the whole arrangement of the interior is so completely
obliterated that it might be doubted whether it formed
part of the original buildings, were it not for the northern
gable with its beautiful finial. 

The interior of the hall has been completely modernised,
though the original trussed rafter roof still exists above the
plaster ceiling. It has now come down to be a farmhouse,
like many another grand old place, and cows and ducks
foregather in the grassy quadrangle, where, centuries ago,
there was gay life among the retainers of the Lord of the

The builder of the house was probably, by its date, a
certain Geoffrey de la Mare, who married the daughter of
Geoffrey le Scrope, one of the King's Judges, and in 1346
accounted for one knight's fee in Northborough, Wood-
croft, and Maxey. 

In the little church at Northborough the enormous
excrescence in the shape of a transept was the De la
Mare chantry, probably the work of the Geoffrey who is
thought to have built the house, as it is of the same beautiful
Decorated style, and once doubtless was furnished by their
monuments. Later it came to be the Claypole chapel ;
but the pitiable neglect of the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries has wrought as much havoc with their memorials
as the iconoclastic zeal of Puritanical soldiery would have
done with those of the De la Mares. 

" Here are sands, ignoble things,
Here's a world of pomp and state
Buried in dust, once dead by fate." 

A curious privilege, the constableship of the Abbey,
was held by the De la Mares. This office appears to have
galled and irked the monastery of Peterborough, for it
finally paid a considerable sum to be released from its

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