Maxey History

Welcome, Since beginning my own family tree in 2002, I have been deeply interested in family history. As time goes along I have had time to sit and reflect on my childhood and school years. Of the many things I learned in those early years one thing I remember well was the discussion of Latin based names and how they formed into what we have today. Since there are no Maxey names available for a website, I decided to use Makeseye in place of Maxey. I currently have over 2,000 entries on my blog for both names. Of these names  I have been unable to connect Edward Maxey to any lineage of England. This does not mean we are not English born but means there is no factual information as of yet. There are many areas I have found that would support many of the lines for Edward being born in the colonies. One of these is William, the son of Greville Maxey from Saling Hall. There is a will for Greville but I have yet to find supporting information for a William in America. (If you have anything on this fella Please send me supporting documents) The second point of interest of mine is Edward son of Nathaniel and grandson of Nathaniel of Norfolk. I believe that this family is first Cousin to Sir Anthony by his father William ???. They are proven to be the sons of John Maxey who lived in the area of Essex his entire life. It is unknown when the Maxey/Makeseye moved from Maxey, England but the time frame would be withing 100 yrs after the year 1400.  Some moved north and into London but the majority of all Maxeys are found between London and Norfolk. It has been very difficult to prove with what i have that not being the single choice but Nathaniel of Norfolk as Edwards father, since Nathaniel had 4 sons and 1 of them named (Edward) has not been located anytime after 1700. Edward’s brothers are William, John and Henry which suggest this line to be from Greville Maxeys son William. So by namesake if Edward arrives in the colonies and he dies in 1737 or 1740. This would be over 10 yrs after the deaths of his siblings. So this is the point of creating a timeline for England and possibly France. So far nothing on the Maxeys in France, which could be strong evidence for the Maxeys being in America in the 1640’s (re:Timeline) and also in 1691. Old English is very hard to decipher and have found there are many, many errors. Of the names found, several are even listed with the mentioned persons name. On my blog I will HIGHLIGHT all names that relate to our early family historians to show how things match up. Also in my research in the last few months I have several Edward Maxeys that are very unique. The timeline on this blog will take more than the next year correcting and updating. Genealogy is very exciting and I hope that everyone who visits will enjoy the information I have found. Finding new information on our beloved ancestors is beginning to be a common place. They were very popular and were called upon to do many things prior to moving to the American colonies. I try and work daily on this project as i am a Disabled Veteran and have zero i mean zero to do. Look for lots of improvements in the year of 2012…..I plan on sending request to several other websites to seek permission to use photos. Some of the info i think will get me a firm scolding is password protected.

Good luck and happy hunting in the new….

William Maxey

The following information is a collection of many peoples hard work and dedication spanning the recent to almost 1000 yrs ago.


Edward Maxey

William Maxey of Essex

Nathanial Maxey London, England



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