The visitations of Essex by Hawley, 1552; Hervey, 1558; Cooke, 1570 …, Part 1

By Thomas Hawley, William Harvey, Robert Cooke, John Raven (Richmond herald.), George Owen, Henry Lilly, William Berry, College of Arms (Great Britain)



Arms (2 shields).—1. Quarterly—1 and 4. Gules, a fess between three talbots’ heads erased argent. [maxey.] 2 and 3. Ermine, a griffin segreant per fess or and azure. [aunger.] 2. Quarterly of six—1. Maxey. 2. Barry of ten argent and azure, on a canton sable a wolfs head erased.[wilberHam.] 3. Aunger. 4. Or, three piles gules, on a canton of tlut second two bars wavy argent. [bassett.] 5. Vert, a fess dancette ermine between three thistles slipped or. [ ] 6. Argent, on a chewon azure three

escallops or, on a chief of the second a lion passant of the third. [ ]

Crest.—A talbot’s head erased argent, collared and ringed gules. [maxey.]

Same as in Vis. of 1558, but omitting Jo. Maxe=d. & h. to Wilbraham, the marriage of William, second son of Anthony, and the age of Charles Bonham; but calls his wife’s father Gilbert instead of George Songer, and makes his daughter’s husband son and heir of Sir William instead of SirJohn Selby, and gives Anthony two daughters—Dorathe, m. to .. . . Heron, and Bridgett, m. to Edward Wentworth of Bocking, esq.


Angier Family

The Essex review: an illustrated quarterly record of everything of …, Volume 6